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Beethoven & his 32 Piano Sonatas - A Musical Universe vol 1
Mark Salman (pianist) with David Dubal (host /commentator). Features discussion and performances of sonatas #1 & 14 (Moonlight).

Beethoven & his 32 Piano Sonatas - A Musical Universe, Vol 2:
Features discussion and performances of sonatas #21(Walstien) & 28.


Mozart Piano Concertos
No. 23 in A Maj, K. 488
No. 25 in C Maj, K. 503

Mark Salman (pianist) with Christophe Chagnard (conducting the Northwest Sinfonietta).

Description: Volume 1 of this series is devoted to Beethoven Sonatas #1 and 14. Pianist Mark Salman and Host David Dubal discuss Beethoven's life during the genesis of each sonata and illustrate its technical and emotional characteristics with musical excerpts. Then, Salman performs the entire sonata, giving the viewer a unique close-up glimpse into the inner working of the performer's art.

Reviews, (Vol 1):
"...combining introductory discussion with performance of one work, then pursuing the themes into other works, provides  an ideal introduction to Beethoven's 'musical universe'...the many camera angles bring out vividly the sheer physical energy and variety of Beethoven's writing for the piano, as well as being very absorbing from the point of view of playing technique The interaction between presenter and pianist is very effective and spontaneous...The piano performance is first rate: technically masterly and the interpretations clearly conceived, so that the effect is spontaneous and the spirit of the music comes right through."  MICHAEL MUSGRAVE, EMERITUS PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON

"This marvelous documentary takes the viewer into the heart of Beethoven's sonatas. Narrator David Dubal and pianist Mark Salman engage in a lucid discussion of the structure and history of two of Beethoven's most important and engaging piano works, and Salman performs both of the works - in their entirety, uninterrupted - with great vigor and sensitivity. Music lovers will revel in this video."   MICHAEL POTEMRA, LITERARY EDITOR, NATIONAL REVIEW



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